We really believe Georgia needs a place for practice: retreats, yoga, dance, art events. Because there's no other place in the world where the mountains are that close, and the earth is that powerful, and people that hospitable.

Ideal for...

Groups of people seeking for clarity and escape
[R:Йога-события][E:Yoga events]

Yoga events

Spacious hall, fresh mountain air, silence - what else is needed? Ah, a group of alike minded people, and a bit of Bliss..



Good floor, spacious place, making noise is OK (neighbours are pretty far away). Let's finish practice in the morning, and spend afternoon hiking!

[E:Retreats and intensives][R:Ретриты и интенсивы]

Retreats and intensives

That's it, no other place further from civilization. And, at the same time, all the infrastructure, even 4G Internet

It is better to see once...