first retreat-center in the mountains of Georgia. It’s located in Latali village (Upper Svaneti), cozy and silent place, where life just goes authentically slow and easy.


Many people believe Svaneti is the heart of Georgia, a place of force,
which one should visit at least once in a lifetime…


What differs SHANTE center from all other incredible places in Georgia, is
cupola-looking hall, built on the edge of a mountain,

so one can see the panorama of ravins and snowy peaks.


It’s an ideal place for any practices (yoga, meditation, dance, therapy, workshops, intensives and so on).

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The space is round, so the energy inside of it flows in a natural way – easily and effortlessly…


10 minutes by foot, via a nice mountain ROAD – and you find yourself in HOTEL and HOSTEL Shante (see photos). They are really cozy and hospitable, as in real Georgia.
The food is great.
The atmosphere helps to simply contemplate.


All this, including the authentic nature, create the conditions for deep exploration of your inner nature, your connection to reality, to “here and now”.


And around there’re lots of possibilities for hiking, horse-riding, and other activities. In case you seek it.


We’re really happy such a place exists in Georgia.

And there’s a chance to come to Svaneti for practice, despite any weather conditions.

We thank the Universe for the help in constructing this space.

Let’s go.